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Oneida Patterns by Name
Pattern Name
Adam Silverplate 1917 Community
Algonquin/Baronet Silverplate 1923 Community
Alouette Silverplate 1978 1881 Rogers Oneida LTD
American Artistry Stainless   1881 Rogers
American Colonial Stainless   Oneida
Anticipation Stainless   Oneida Deluxe
Ansonia Silverplate 1922 Niagara by Oneida
Apollo Silverplate 1929 Simeon L & G H Rogers
Arbor/American Harmony Stainless   Oneida
Arbor Rose Stainless   1881 Rogers,USA
Ardsley Silverplate 1921 Community
Artisic Stainless   Northland
Attalia Stainless   Oneida
Aquaris Stainless   Oneida USA
Ballad/Country Lane Silverplate 1953 Community
Bancroft Stainless   Oneida,USA
Baroquet Rose Silverplate 1967 1881 Rogers by Oneida
Baton Rouge Stainless   Northland
Berkeley Square Stainless   Oneida LTD,USA
Berkley Square Silverplate 1935 Community Plate Oneida
Bittersweet Stainless   Oneida
Brahms Stainless   Community
Barbara Silverplate 1931 Community
Baronet Silverplate 1962 Oneida Silversmiths
Bellfontaine Silverplate 1973 1881 Rogers
Bennington Silverplate 1959 Oneida
Beverly Silverplate 1909 1881 Rogers
Beverly Silverplate 1922 Community
Bird of Paradise Silverplate 1923 Community
Bordeaux Silverplate 1945 Prestige by Oneida
Bridal Rose Silverplate 1911 Community
Bridal Wreath Silverplate 1915 Community
Bridal Wreath Silverplate 1950 Tudor Plate Community
Brittany Rose Silverplate 1948 Oneida LTD Wm A Rogers
Brookwood/Banbury Silverplate 1950 1881 Rogers, Community
Cabana Stainless   Oneida
Caprice Stainless   Community by Oneida
Chamber Stainless   Oneida Essentials
Capri Silverplate 1935 Wm A Rogers
Capri Stainless   Distinction Deluxe by Oneida
Carnation Silverplate 1908 Oneida Heirloom
Celebrity/Wild Rose Silverplate 1939 Wm A Rogers by Oneida
Celebrity Stainless   SSS by Oneida
Chalice/Harmony Silverplate 1958 Wm A Rogers
Charmion Silverplate 1933 Peerless
Clarion Silverplate 1931 Community Par Plate
Colonial Silverplate 1908 Simeon & Geo Rogers
Columbia/Regis Silverplate 1910 Wm A Rogers Hotel Plate
Coronation Silverplate 1936 Community
Countess II Silverplate 1936 Oneida
Cantata Stainless   Community
Capistrano Stainless 1971 Oneida Deluxe
Carolina Stainless   Northland
Chandelier Stainless   Community
Chateau Stainless   Oneidacraft Deluxe
Chatelaine Stainless   Community
Cherbourg Stainless   Community
Cherie Stainless   Oneida Deluxe
Clarette Stainless   Community
Classic Harmony Stainless   Northland
Colonial Boutique Stainless   Northland
Countess II Silverplate 1936 Oneida
Coronation Stainless   Community by Oneida
Croydon/Mary Lee Silverplate 1932 Rogers by Oneida
Da Vinci Stainless   Oneida
Damask Rose Sterling 1946 Oneida Heirloom
Deauville Silverplate 1929 Community
Debutante/Grandeur/Princess Silverplate 1934 Wm A Rogers
Debonair Stainless   Oneidacraft Deluxe
Debonair Silverplate 1938 Oneida
Delmar/Taper Stainless   Oneidacraft Deluxe
Del Mar Pattern Silvertableware 1939 1881 Rogers by Oneida
Demetrius Stainless   Northland
Dominion Silverplate 1915 Community
Dover Stainless   Oneida
Driftwood Stainless   Community
Duchess Silverplate 1923 Oneida
Easton Stainless 1985 Oneida USA
Elaine Silverplate 1926 Oneida
Emily Stainless   Northland
Enchancement/Londontown Silverplate 1952 1881 Rogers
Enchantment/Gentle Rose Silverplate 1960 Community
Encore Silverplate 1934 Simeon L & Geo H Rogers
Evening Star Silverplate 1950 Community
Everlasting Silverplate 1949 Wm A Rogers
Exeter Silverplate 1913 Community Reliance Plate
Extra Coin Plate 3 Silverplate   Oneida
Fairoaks Silverplate 1909 Rockford Silver Co
Fantasy Stainless   Community
Fantasy Silverplate 1941 Tudor Plate Community
Fantasy Rose Stainless   Community
Fenway Stainless   Wm A Rogers

Silverplate   Hotel Plate Deluxe
Flight Silverplate 1930 Plaza-Wm A Rogers Oneida
Flight/Reliance Stainless   Oneida USA
Flirtation Silverplate 1959 1881 Rogers
Floral Bouquet Stainless   Oneida Distinction Deluxe
Floral Panel Stainless   Northland
Floral II Pattern Silverplate 1938 Simeon L & Geo H Rogers
Fondue Stainless   Community
Forever Stainless   All American
Forever Rose Stainless   Kenwood USA
Fremont Stainless   USA
Friendship Stainless   Wm A Rogers
Friendship/Medality Silverplate 1932 Community
Frostfire Stainless   Community
Gala/Impulse Stainless   Oneida USA
Gay Adventure Silverplate 1955 Prestige by Oneida
Galveston Stainless   Oneida Profile
Glendale Silverplate 1930 Victor Co
Gloria Stainless   Wm A Rogers
Gerber Baby Spoon Stainless   Oneida
Grenoble Silverplate 1938 Prestige
Grenoble/Gloria Silverplate 1906 Wm A Rogers Oneida
Greystoke Stainless   Northland
Grosvenor Silverplate 1921 Community
Happiness Silverplate 1940 Wm A Rogers- Oneida
Heart Of Sweden Stainless   Oneidacraft
Highland Rose Stainless   1881 Rogers
High Point Silverplate unknown Community
Homestead Stainless   Simeon L & Geo H Rogers
Hadley Silverplate 1930 Oneida Hotel Ware
Huntington Stainless   Wm A Rogers by Oneida
Impulse Stainless   Northland
Independence Stainless   Oneida Deluxe
Isabella Stainless   Community-Betty Crocker
Jean Silverplate 1932 Senate by Oneida
June/Nursery Silverplate 1932 Tudor Plate Community
Juilliard Stainless   Oneida
Kenilworth Pattern Silverplate 1930 SL & GH Rogers by Oneida
Kenneth Square Stainless   Distinction Deluxe
King James Silverplate 1985 Canada Oneida
La Rose Stainless   Wm Rogers
La Vigne Silverplate 1908 1881 Rogers
Lady Hamilton Silverplate 1932 Community by Oneida
Lady Stuart Silverplate 1949 Oneida
Lasting Rose Stainless   Oneidacraft Deluxe
Lido Stainless   USA by Oneida
Lisbon Stainless   Distinction Deluxe
Louisiana Stainless   Community
Love Story Stainless   Northland
Lakewood Silverplate 1928 Carolton
Leylan Silverplate 1910 1881 Rogers
Madie Stainless   Oneida
Maestro/St Leger Stainless   Oneida
Majorea Stainless   1881 Rogers
Malibu Stainless   Wm A Rogers Deluxe
Malibu Silverplate 1932 Wm A Rogers by Oneida
Mansfield Silverplate 1932 1881 Rogers
Mansfield Stainless   Wm A Rogers Deluxe
Mansion Hall Stainless   Distinction Deluxe
Marcella Silverplate 1905 Wm A Rogers
Marquette Stainless 1983 Oneida Community
Mary Stuart Silverplate 1927 Oneida Community
Maybrook Stainless   Simeon L & Geo H Rogers
Meadowbrook Silverplate 1936 Wm A Rogers A 1
Melody/Sybil Silverplate 1929 Puritian
Merced Silverplate 1927 Oneida
Melissa Stainless   1881 Rogers
Michelangelo Stainless   Heirloom Oneida
Midland Stainless   Oneida
Midnight Stainless   Oneida SSS
Midtowne Stainless   Oneida USA
Milady Silverplate 1940 Oneida Community
Minute Man Stainless   SSS Onieda
Modern Baroque Silverplate 1969 Community
Montage Stainless   SSS Oneida
Monte Carlo Stainless   Oneida Deluxe
Montezuma Stainless   Northland by Oneida
Morning Blossom Stainless   Oneida Profile
Morning Star Silverplate 1948 Community
Mozart Stainless   Oneida Deluxe
Musette Stainless   Northland
My Rose Stainless   Community
Needlepoint Stainless   1881 Rogers
New Era Silverplate 1955 Community
Northland Stainless   Wm A Rogers
Oceanic Stainless   Onieda LTD
OHS 17 Stainless   Oneida LTD
OHS 46 Stainless   Northland
OHS 77 Stainless   Oneida
OH 202 Stainless   Oneida
OHS 225 Silverplate   Oneida LTD
Old Baroque Stainless   Northland
Old South II Silverplate 1949 Wm A Rogers by Oneida
Orlando Stainless   Profile Line
Our Rose Stainless   SSS Oneida
Pacific Stainless   Thor USA
Parade Stainless   Thor USA
Pasadena Stainless   Oneida-Northland
Paramount Stainless   Simeon & Geo Rogers
Paramount Silverplate 1933 Wm A Rogers Oneida
Patrician Silverplate 1914 Community by Oneida
Paul Revere Stainless   Community
Peter Rabbit Stainless   Community
Phoenix Stainless   Northland
Pinehurst Silverplate 1931 Imperial Silver Plate
Plantation Stainless   Oneida Custom
Plantation Silverplate 1948 1881 Rogers
Polanaise Silverplate 1961 Nobility
Primrose Silverplate 1915 Community
Proposal Silverplate 1954 1881 Rogers
Profile Stainless   Oneidacraft Deluxe
Provincetown Stainless   USA Artistry Oneida
Queen Bess I Silverplate 1924 Tudor Plate Community
Queen Bess II Silverplate 1946 Tudor Plate
Raphael Stainless   Distinction Deluxe
Rebecca Stainless   Northland by Oneida
Rembrant Stainless   Oneida Heirloom
Renoir/Pembrooke Stainless   SSS by Oneida
Reverie Silverplate 1937 Nobility Plate
Romford Silverplate 1939 Vernon Silver
Rose Duet Stainless   Oneida Deluxe
Rosalie Silverplate 1938 Wm A Rogers
Roseanne Stainless   Oneida Custom
Roxbury Silverplate 1923 Simeon L & Geo H Rogers
Royal Ballad Stainless   Northland
Royal Flute Stainless   Community-Betty Cocker
Royal York Silverplate 1937 Oneida
Royal Provincial Stainless   Northland
Royal Rose Silverplate 1939 Nobility by Oneida
Rushmore Stainless   Oneida Deluxe
Sand Dune Stainless   Oneida
Sand Dune Stainless   Oneida USA
San Francisco Stainless   Northland
Satinique Stainless   Community/Betty Crocker
Seneca Silverplate 1927 Wm A Rogers Oneida
Shasta Stainless   Oneida LTD
Sheraton Silverplate 1910 Community Silver
Sirocco Stainless   Northland by Oneida
Silver Artistry Silverplate 1965 Community
Skyline Silverplate 1956 Oneida LTD
Skyline/Skycrest Silverplate 1930 Community
Skyward Silverplate 1963 1881 Rogers
South Seas Silverplate 1955 Community
Spring Ballad Stainless   Oneida SL & GH Rogers
Spanada Stainless   Premier
Spanish Court Stainless   1881 Rogers
Spring Festival Stainless   Northland
Spring Fever Stainless   Northland
Spring Glen Stainless   Oneida
Spring Rose Stainless   Community
Spring Valley Stainless   1881 Rogers
Strathmore Stainless   Oneida LTD Deluxe
Sumatra Stainless   Northland
Summer Mist/Autumn Glow Stainless   Wm A Rogers
Surf Club Silverplate 1938 1881 Rogers by Oneida
Sutton Place Stainless  
Oneida Deluxe,Premier,WmRogers
Surf Maid/Cabana Stainless   1881 Rogers by Oneida
Sweet Briar Silverplate 1948 Tudor Plate Community
Sylvia/Bonita Silverplate 1932 Niagara
Tempo Stainless   Oneidacraft
Textura Stainless   Oneidacraft Deluxe
Toujours Stainless   Oneida Heirloom
Tribecca Stainless   Oneida
Twilight Stainless   1881 Rogers
Twilight Silverplate 1956 Community
Twin Star Stainless   Community
Thor Silverplate 1933 Oneida
Valerie Stainless   Distinction Deluxe by Oneida
Valley Rose Silverplate 1956 Wm A Rogers by Oneida
Vanessa/Francesca Silverplate 1965 Wm A Rogers by Oneida
Vegas Stainless   Northland
Venetia Stainless   Community
Via Roma Stainless   Community
Village Common Stainless   Northland
Vinland Stainless   Community
Viking Silverplate 1931 Simeon L & Geo H Rogers
Viola/Viola Stainless   Community
Vernon/Ashley Silverplate 1917 Oneida Hotel Plate
Vista Silverplalte 1940 Wm A Rogers
Vista Stainless   Oneida,USA
Virginia Siverplate 1925 Niagra
Westgate/RoyalCrest Stainless   Oneida Dist Deluxe
Whispering Sand Stainless   Oneida LTD
Whittier Stainless   Oneidaware
Wildwood II Silverplate 1908 Oneida Community Reliance
Will O Wisp Stainless   Oneida
Wintersong Stainless   Oneidacraft Deluxe
Woodmere Stainless   Community
White Orchid Silverplate 1953 Community
Webster I Silverplalte 1900 Simeon L & Geo Rogers
Yankee Clipper Stainless   USA